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The 15 Steps to Create Lasting Change For The Better

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Here are 15 Steps to Create Lasting Change in Your Life For The Better


The Reflective and Planning Part

Study Success Principles and You Can Change Anything
Taking time out to think about what you’d like to change can make a huge difference!

1. Stop and Think about What You Really Want to Change

2. Re-assess Your Current Plan – is it Working?

3. Write Down Your Lifetime Dreams, Your ‘Bucket List’

4. Break it Down into Manageable Goals

5. Put a Deadline on all of them

6. Seek Out Mentors and People Who Know How To Do It


Getting Moving

Middle aged people jogging and changing their lives
It’s Never Too Late To Start to Change!

7. Start a New Fitness Campaign to Create Energy for Change

8. Be Brave and Start Now -Don’t Procrastinate!

9. Refer to Your Written Plan Often

10. Never Give Up and Don’t Listen to Negative People

11. Do What You Need To Do To Stay Positive– Read and Listen

12. Focus on Being the Best You, You Can Be


Monitoring Progress and Enjoying the Journey

A change of scene perhaps?
As you begin to achieve some goals, your belief will grow in your ability to create lasting change

13. Set Targets and Reward Yourself for Achieving Your Goals

14. Enjoy the Journey – Keep a Record of Your Successes

15. Start Living Your Dream Life as You Begin to Change


My plan is to use this site to help some people out there in some way, (maybe even you), to think about your life and what it is you want.

I hope that some of the ideas and some of the stories on here may perhaps inspire you to pursue your dreams.

I wish you the best of luck – but don’t forget, if you focus on what you want, you can make your own luck!


As my daughter, Kim likes to say, “Seize the day!”


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