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Recorded coaching testimonials for Coach Tony Inman have been graciously provided by a selection of clients, fellow coaches and business associates.

“I’m very grateful for their endorsements and to know that I’ve been able to influence, inspire or help them in some way.” ~ Tony Inman



   Leroy Brown – Owner, Leroy Brown Carpentry, Melville, Western Australia

 Coaching Client of Tony Inman – Created a new marketing brand, increased his turnover and profits by 250% and employed a full-time staff member and a book-keeper.



  Alison Evans – Owner EMS Insurance Solutions, Ashby Western Australia

 Coaching Client of Tony Inman – Alison built up her business and successfully sold it to focus on parenting.



Bernie Kroczek – Owner of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate and Total Property Management, Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia

Coaching Client of Tony Inman – Bernie successfully regained his sales prowess after a slump in confidence and motivation and achieved record sales. He and his wife successfully sold off the majority of their business and commenced semi-retirement.



Jeff Muir – Entrepreneur and Coach – CEO of That’s Easy Learning, Sydney New South Wales

Associate of Coach Tony Inman. Read Tony’s book, ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well’ and was inspired to re-think his work/life balance and to immediately set up his business in such a way that he could take more holidays.



David Bearsley – Business Marketing Consultant and Trainer, Owner of Superior Business Networks, Perth, Western Australia.

Associate of Coach Tony Inman. Worked with Tony to co-facilitate business improvement programs. Engages Tony to host his networking groups when taking vacations.


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