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Tony here. As you may already have gathered, I enable people and businesses to improve their businesses and transform their lives.

Rather than the backwards and forwards email banter to set up a meeting time just use this, easier and quicker for all. Pick a time slot length below that suits. Follow the prompts below to lock in a time that works for us both. Gotta love technology…


An enquiry form and contact details are further down the page…

Or you can schedule a meeting with me here…

Meeting Types

I’ve found that most meetings fall into the following categories. My preference is to meet face-to-face, but if this is challenging geographically, we can arrange on online ‘Zoom’ video link up.

Concept Meeting Format   Time allocated   Fee     Purpose / Objectives  


 Curiosity Catch-Up 
 Info  Exchange / Update

 ave. 30 mins or less  Free

  A quick chat so we can become better acquainted and

understand each other’s businesses or have a simple

 Info Exchange / Update

Book a Coffee Catch-Up with Coach Tony Inman to find out how he can help you  Coffee Catch-Up  ave. 60 minutes Free

 A slightly longer chat – This is assuming that we’ve

already met or spoken and you would like to know


Book a Discovery Session with Tony to analyse your current situation and what's stopping you from achieving the results you want  
Discovery Session  

 ave. 60 to 90 minutes $99.00
(incl GST)

 If we’ve already chatted enough and you’re ready

to start work and delve deeper, you can book a

Discovery Session – but note – this is redeemable

[i.e. FREE] if you proceed with a

Coaching / Consulting / Mentoring Program

within 30 days.

Book a Coaching Session with Mentor Tony Inman Existing Client Session ave. 60 to 90 minutes Pre- Agreed rate

For existing clients to schedule a session if we

haven’t already done so, or if something urgent

comes up and you want to meet rather than just call.


If you’d like a fuller, but succinct snapshot of options – check out my booking site at

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and call me on the number below!

Contact Tony Inman

Contact Tony Inman on (Perth Western Australia) (+61) 0419 860 382

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