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The Writings of Tony Inman

The writings of Tony Inman aim to entertain and inspire you with:

self-help books,

a satirical novel,

inspirational book briefs,

a success blog,

biz tips and life hacks.

Tony is a published author and has contributed to several other collaborations

What makes me qualified to write stuff that some people will find useful or interesting?

My life has been a tapestry of diverse and interesting pursuits and experiences. In the holiday island of Jersey (UK) where I grew up, my Mum, Vera Inman said to Tony the fourteen years old student, "No more pocket money. Go down the local supermarket and get yourself a Saturday job!"

That kick up the backside led to experiences like being a junior sales assistant in several departments, such as wines and spirits and fruit and vegetables; planting potatoes and painting friend's houses; cleaning aircraft at Jersey Airport for a Summer season; and working in the family hotel business as a barman, receptionist, general assistant handyman and decorator, and ultimately Assistant Manager.

Leaders are readers!

My First Life in Jersey, Channel Islands

I left college with no real clue about what to do in life, except perhaps tourism, for which no mainland University grants were available, I applied for numerous random jobs, including airline crew ( I was too good looking!), trainee journalist (didn't have an English A Level). I later applied for Air Traffic Control but hadn't passed my physics exams.

So, at seventeen, my sister connected me with a friend who offered me a job washing hire cars and delivering them and collecting them from the airport and various hotels. It was a fun Summer job I could combine with hotel barman and relief Manager for my parents in the evenings.

Mum then said "We didn't give you a good education so you could wash cars. Go and get a real job!" I applied for a Trainee Manager role at the Co-op Supemarket chain just to get her off my back. Amazingly, they short-listed me from 70 applicants, then offered me a career. After becoming the youngest Deputy Store Manager at nineteen, and after three promotions and winning a UK Grocery Industry Award, I was in line for Store Manager at 23.

In my spare time, I gained my Private Pilot's Licence by the age of nineteen, regularly flying to France and the South of England. The Jersey Aero Club was my second home, where I managed the pool team and football team, and created loads of fun-filled events.

My Second Life Down Under

Instead of settling for that career and probably a very small and expensive house. I wanted more. So, I brought my first wife on honeymoon to Australia, and long story short, I convinced Target to sponsor me into the country. Three promotions later, I kept trying to leave retail, but it kept pulling me back in. I was a Store Manager for a Toys Supermarket, a Life Insurance Salesman, a Deputy Store Manager for a very large discount store chain and a new concept Store Manager and Manager Trainer for a reject store chain. Having married too young and after a sad divorce, I went travelling to chase after the girl who became my second wife, and fought a government to bring her back to Australia (another long story).

I love helping people to reach their potential.

We built a small business empire together, which she sadly abandoned after seven years when she returned to England, but I kept going because my children were here, and continued to build: a backpackers hostel for fourteen years (with a liquor licence and bar of course), a car dealership with a service centre, my own hire car fleet, short-stay apartments, adventure tours and bus charters, domestic and commercial cleaning, roadside assistance towing and a few other experimental projects.

After those triumphs came my lowest point.  Owing to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008/2009, I sold most of my business and a couple of properties, but had just started a new contract cleaning business, specialising in Strata complexes, which I have streamlined to be able to manage from my laptop. I then invested over one hundred thousand dollars into courses, gaining more qualifications and creating a Coaching Practice, mainly helping small business owners and executives, or people at a life crossroad, plus I began writing my own books and blogs, and presenting workshops.

I married Joanne, who I've been happily married with for seventeen years and we are also Support Carers for my stepson, who has a rare genetic illness. This has led to a lot of exposure to, and interaction with Australia's NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).  My two adult children have now provided us with four grandchildren, who are a real joy. We live a fantastic life in the Perth Hills of Western Australia and we travel regularly around the world. We are very blessed, and now I am lucky enough to be able to help others by passing on what I believe is useful wisdom for other people.

I am delighted to engage with my readers if you have any questions I can help with, so feel free to contact me.


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