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Results are Something We All Get Because of the Choices We Have Made…

results can elude us when we don't ask ourselves the right questions
Sometimes we just don’t have the answers

But are your results the ones you wanted?

Maybe you feel like you are hitting a brick wall? Have you come to a point in life where you think, or even know, that you need to do something different, but you’re not sure what exactly, or how to go about it?

It may make you feel better to know that you’re not alone. In fact, many of my clients felt that way when I first met them.

They soon found though, when I started working with them that the fog of ‘feeling overwhelmed’ could soon be lifted and that a new clarity could be achieved. The system I have designed, strangely enough called ‘The Inman System’ enables you to compartmentalise the different issues and break down the problems into manageable segments.

My 'Inman System' is a conceptual framework that helps you develop a confident mindset and marketing so you can simplify achieving your life goals and success
My ‘Inman System’ is a conceptual framework that helps you develop a confident mindset and marketing so you can simplify achieving your life goals and success

The ‘Inman System’ is just one of the many tools and techniques I can use though to help you move forwards. It is a holistic system because we all live a life of some sort and the vast majority of us have a business or a career to pay for it. They both impact on each other.

For example, if you lack confidence in life, you probably lack confidence in business. If your relationship breaks up, the stress will more than likely affect your work. If your business is struggling, you’ll almost certainly take that stress home with you. You get the picture, I’m sure.

For marketing purposes and to help people hone in on their biggest issue, I’ve separated this website into business coaching and life coaching areas, but I often find that clients want to, or need to, resolve problems in areas they might have overlooked, because it is also affecting all the rest of the areas.

Some business people may only want help with specific issues, or a person may just one to resolve one life blockage and that’s ok too – I have a policy of rigid flexibility!

If you know already that you’d like to chat about your situation, feel free to contact me or call me on 0419 860 382 to set up a time.

 The following case study is a great example of business and life issues overlapping or intertwining.


What Kinds of Challenges and Choices Are We Talking About?

Results coaching review Tony Inman
Leroy Brown now has a great carpentry business and is full of self-confidence

Here’s just one of many examples – Leroy Brown’s story of results– the full story is in my case studies section, but the short story version is that Leroy was facing a kind of mid-life crisis. He had been made redundant and gone back to his trade to set up his own carpentry business. Leroy is a great carpenter but hadn’t had any previous business experience. He soon realised there was a lot he didn’t know how to do and no idea who to ask. His struggling results were a real concern for Leroy and his wife, Carolyn.

Leroy became so lacking in confidence and trapped in overwhelm that he didn’t even want to visit his children’s school in case the other parents thought he was stupid. He didn’t have enough work to last the week, so how could he possibly set any goals for the future?

I worked with Leroy on his self-confidence, on defining and setting meaningful goals and on mentoring him through understanding and implementing some of the business and life strategies that he needed.

As Leroy worked on himself and on his business with my coaching and mentoring support, he was able to book four weeks’ work in advance and employ another carpenter, increasing his turnover and profits by over 250%.

The best part of the story though is that Leroy now has the self-confidence to coach a children’s football team at school and he has taken his own family away on several holidays. I even coached Leroy to be able to stand up in a room full of business owners and do public speaking to promote his own business. He would never previously have imagined that he could do this – he would have run a mile!

Leroy worked hard and did all this himself – I was the catalyst for him to change his actions and change his results to create the lifestyle he really wanted. 

By the way, if you’re in Perth and you need a great carpenter, here’s Leroy Brown’s website.



What’s the Issue with Change?

results are better when you ask the right questions
Change is constant – having a plan makes it easier to deal with

Change can be daunting or uncomfortable, but it is easier to deal with when you have a sounding board who can help you see things differently.

Remember that change is inevitable. It’s happening all around you on the outside every day, so if YOU don’t change you may fall behind.

Most of my clients are business owners, though some are professionals and executives. Most are in that phase of life that many like to label as some kind of a ‘mid-life crisis’, though not exclusively. Change, crisis and transitions can come in many forms – here are some examples:

  • Voluntary career change – what direction to take
  • Involuntary career change, such as redundancy
  • A struggling business or even a complete business failure
  • A relationship break-up – coping, finding your own identity and moving forwards
  • Return to work after an absence
  • Starting a new small business
  • Learning personal development and leadership
  • Adapting to health issues
  • Dealing with the impacts of bereavement
  • Discovering your self-confidence
  • Setting goals properly and achieving them to get the results you want

What my clients found, however is that by discussing the issues with someone who genuinely cares about them and is there to support them, things often seem much better almost immediately.

By then developing an action plan and working through it, they gained new momentum and happiness.


Dealing with Change and Simplifying Your Success

Tony Inman will help you overcome your fears and move forwardsWhen you work with me, you are discussing your problems and your opportunities with a certified coach with a lifetime of business and life experience who has set up around 23 businesses, learning from setbacks and triumphs alike, and who has coached thousands of people with either personal or business problems to get results.

If we decide that we like and trust each other and can work together, then I will help you to deal with whatever change is needed to empower you to move forwards.

Check out my client testimonials to see the kinds of challenges I have helped other people with.

If you’re curious about how I could help you with your situation, please leave me a message using this contact form or on my mobile +61 419 860 382.

If you’re not quite ready because of some timing or finance issues, I’d still suggest contacting me for an obligation-free chat anyway, but if something’s still stopping you, then you could consider doing one of these things for now:

  • check out the rest of the website – especially the reviews pages with other clients’ results
  • follow my blog posts
  • follow me on one or more of my social media pages – Facebook; Instagram; YouTube etc.
  • subscribe to my newsletter 

Don’t bury your head in the sand, take action and contact me today – you’ll feel happier when you start to do something about it.

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