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How Much Would It Be Worth to You to Positively Improve Your Situation?


The price of failure can be far greater than the investment in the fees to help you succeed!
The price of failure can be far greater than the investment in the fees to help you succeed!

Sometimes people like the idea of coaching or mentoring, but are apprehensive about the potential cost, especially if one of the reasons they are stressed is because of poor cash flow.

So, let me first reassure you of the following:

    • Any and all fees would first be agreed upon – I’m totally transparent and there would be no nasty surprises.
    • The prices that follow are only a guideline and I can often tailor a pricing solution to suit your budget, including payment schedules that work for you.

Then, I’d ask you to consider this – HOW MUCH WILL IT COST YOU, emotionally, physically and/or financially IF YOU DON’T GET SOME HELP?

Then, ask yourself, ‘How much BETTER will I feel, once I have improved my situation?’


Happiness can be replaced with joy

I’ve had clients say things to me like:

  • “Your coaching probably saved my marriage!”– How much is THAT worth?
  • or “I probably wouldn’t still be in business if it wasn’t for you!”– How much is THAT worth?
  • I’ve also heard “You gave me the confidence to believe I could start my own business”– How much will THAT turn out to be worth?


So, before you look at the prices here, maybe you should ask yourself “What would be the cost of NOT solving my problems?”

Then, once you’ve considered that, check out my client testimonials and you’ll see just a selection of the many issues I’ve helped my clients to overcome over the years.

Imagine feeling more confident?
Imagine feeling more confident?

Imagine feeling delighted?
Imagine feeling delighted?

Imagine long-term happiness?
Imagine long-term happiness?


It’s Free to Make a Start Today – if You’re Curious?


Let's catch up for a coffee
Let’s catch up for a coffee and a chat

I usually start off with a free coffee meeting, just to get to know each other and see how we may be able to help one another. Don’t worry if you don’t drink coffee, you can have a smoothie or we can even catch up online these days.

I call this a ‘Curiosity Catch-Up’. It’s free and you can book one here.


The Discovery Session


If we’ve already spoken, whether in person, or by phone or via the internet, and you’re ready to kick some goals, you may wish to go straight onto what I call ‘the Discovery Session’.

Let’s have a Discovery Session!

What is It and How Long Does It Take? – I usually allocate between 60 to 90 minutes, so we can help us both to gain clarity about your situation.

How Much Does it Cost? – For this consultation, as a special offer to help you get started, I only charge the bargain fee of $90.00 (plus GST).

What Will I Get for That? – Most clients have excitedly reported gaining the following:

  • A far greater clarity about your present situation.
  • A deeper understanding of what you really want from all your hard work and the kind of rewards you want in your life.
  • A sharper perception around the obstacles that have been stopping you.
  • New insights into resources that may be of help to your journey’s success.
  • A renewed sense of confidence and self-belief.


BUT WAIT… Of course, there’s more…



In addition to those emotionally impactful benefits, there aren’t any steak knives, sorry, but I do include absolutely free for you the following ‘Value-Add Bonuses’:


  • questions-are-the-answer
    I will ask you better questions

    A free ‘Personal Values Exercise’ that can provide invaluable feedback on your level of inner alignment.

  • A free ‘Business Health Check’ Questionnaire (if applicable) that can provide massive insights into your situation that could lead to increased profits, greater productivity and more discretionary leisure time.
  • A free ‘Discovery Report’ documenting the salient points arising from the discussion, along with some action recommendations.

The Icing on Your Cake – If you go ahead and book further coaching, consulting or mentoring programs with me, within 30 days of our meeting, I will credit back the cost of your Discovery Session towards that program.

In other words, your Discovery Session will be absolutely free.

What if I Can’t Start Within 30 Days? – We all have stuff sometimes that gets in the way, whether it’s holidays, health issues, family commitments or a temporary financial blip, but don’t worry, I have a policy of ‘rigid flexibility’ and all things can be discussed and negotiated, especially payment options to suit my clients’ budgets.

The Worst Case? – If it’s not a match for us to work together, or the timing’s just wrong, you can simply pay your $90.00 (plus GST), receive all your free stuff and walk away or return another day, when the time is right


 Ready to Start?

Click Here for further information

If you’re ready to take action, you can book a Discovery Session right here, right now.


Still Unsure? – Then Stress Not – Here’s My Guarantee!


The Discovery Session has a money-back guarantee

I hereby guarantee and promise to you that if you attend my Discovery Session Consultation, and you can state honestly and demonstrate tangibly that you took reasonable action to implement the recommendations made by me in your follow up report, but that you still didn’t get any benefit, or didn’t feel that you got reasonable value for money, then I will refund you that money to you.

I can offer this with absolute confidence, however, because previous clients have excitedly declared that even from one session they often experienced things like: improved clarity around problems ; sharper clarity of their business and/or life vision; awareness and preciseness of problems, rather than symptoms; increased confidence , self-belief and inspiration as they trust in my experience. I can’t promise you all of those outcomes, but I can promise that I will do my best to help you fulfil your potential to the degree of your aspirations.

Click Here for further information


So, don’t delay any further – let’s get started by booking a Discovery Session now.


For further examples of who I’ve helped and how, feel free to check out my testimonials pages.


Types of Ongoing Coaching, Mentoring or Consulting Programs


In addition to the workshops and webinars that I run from time to time, the following can be worked on either individually, in combination, or as part of a tailored package that is unique to your needs and to fit your budget:


  • Strategic Business Plan (Executive Summary Stage 1)
  • Complete Business Health Check & Rapid 90 Day Marketing Boost Plan
  • Business Marketing Plan
  • Your Story for Written Marketing Purposes
  • Business Makeover / Rebrand or Refine Brand Plan
  • Sales and Customer Retention Plan
  • Social Media Plan
  • Done-for-you Social Media Campaign Launch
  • Personal Brand Development Plan
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Business Team Succession Plan
  • Team Training & Development Needs Analysis
  •  Internal Success Quotient (ISQ) Training – Module 1 – Attitudes & Mindset
  • ISQ Training Module 2 – Leadership, Inspiration & Influence
  • ISQ Training Module 3 – Work & Life Balance
  • Something Specific to Your Needs


Specific Life Coaching Issues

These can be addressed on a specific needs basis and can be worked on either per session or with an agreed number of sessions.
This is harder to package because everyone’s life circumstances are unique and the coaching is not linear in its process.


Looking to hire a life coach? Life Coach Tony Inman cares about helping his clients
Tony offers Workshops, Seminars & Webinars

Workshops / Seminars (See workshops page for latest news)

Workshop Topics include:

– Train Your Trainers (for Everyone)
– Blast Off Your Business (for New Business Owners & Start-ups
– Back to Basics for Increased Productivity & Small Business Growth
– How to Develop a Winning Mindset and Use NLP Basics to Increase Your Influence in Business & Life

I can also tailor specific workshops to suit your team’s needs.

Seminar Presentation Rates

As a rough guide, I am available for group presentations for a standard rate of around $1,400 (plus GST) for an 8hr day (including breaks),
or around $800 (plus GST) for a 4 hr half-day.

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