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The Time and Money Challenge

Most people you talk to nowadays are super busy trying to balance so many things, but they mostly seem to agree on one common theme – they ideally would like more time to do the things they love and more money to do them with.

Imagine if you could love and improve your business or work, and transform your life into the kind of lifestyle that you want as well.

What if I told you that I have developed a system that can massively improve your vision of your ideal business and ideal life, help you become better organised with the right systems, the right people and develop a better all round approach to get you better results…

Imagine having more free time and more money to do whatever you want

Business Improvement

If you are in business for yourself or you hold an executive role, would you like to find ways to do any or all of the following things?

     √     Increase your business turnover and profitability

    √      Improve your systems, efficiency and productivity

   √       Recruit and train better people to make things happen for you and for them

   √      Develop better strategic plans so you enjoy improved and lasting results

   √      Define and improve your marketing strategy and systems for more market share

   √      Achieve success both at your work and in your life

   √      Work smarter, improve your cash flow & eventually exit with the best possible payout

Imagine getting the results you currently only dream about

Life Transformations

Would you like to sharpen your skills in any of the following areas?

  √      Improve your attitude, empower yourself and develop a winning mindset

  √      Enhance your leadership and relationship skills so your teams will want to follow you

  √      Learn how to systemise, automate and delegate so you can be more effective and enjoy greater work/life balance


In addition, how would you like to redefine and focus on your core values in both your work and your life?

If any of the above resonates with you, then please read on… This may just be the thing you’ve been looking for!

Imagine the freedom of more time and more money, built with a better system

What is 'The Inman System' and How does it Work?

By applying sound and proven business and life success principles, Tony Inman has broken down the overwhelming amount of information and tasks that are so difficult to juggle, into manageable and organised chunks.

With a combination of coaching, mentoring and consulting, Tony helps business owners to apply this knowledge and these systems and processes, infused with cutting edge, NLP tools and techniques, to greatly improve focus, organisation and efficiency. This can be done on a one-to-one basis or in group trainings.

My 'Inman System' is a conceptual framework that helps you develop a confident mindset and marketing so you can simplify achieving your life goals and success

Where Did ‘The Inman System’ Come From?

During my many years as an entrepreneur, and as a business and life mentor, coach and consultant, I have evolved, tested and proven my own theories to add to my decades of study of both the theoretical and practical works of a large number of internationally-revered coaches and thought leaders.

The Inman System is a concept that I have created that serves as a harmonised framework for business and life success. Like most conceptual frameworks, it is constantly evolving to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

I believe that a business or a career is one part of your life that should fit in a balanced way with the rest of your life. In order for your business to serve you best and to improve your chances of success, it should ideally involve doing something that you love or in which you hold a great interest, or at the very least, something of which you are proud.

The Inman System adds a confident mindset and marketing to help you manage stress and get results

What Results Can You Expect from 'The Inman System?'

'The Inman System' is a proven approach that has worked with many clients to help them define, compartmentalise and achieve their goals.

To enable you to:

Maximise your chances of creating a business built to last, you need a combination of factors and skill sets to all pull together, like the pieces of a jigsaw.

Achieve work/life balance, you need effective strategies and systems. Those same systems will also enable you to increase sales, maximise profits and eventually fulfil your exit or succession strategy.

The Inman System enables you to develop a confident mindset and marketing to create a business or career of excellence that is built to last and prosper, whilst simultaneously allowing you to enjoy a memorable life.

To find out how this ‘Inman System’ could help you no matter where you are in the world…

Contact Tony to arrange a chat today via this site or leave a message on mob 0419 860 382

The Inman System helps you simplify putting the puzzle together
Take some action today - reach out for more information

A Quick Sample from the Many Client Testimonials (with their permission)

Suzanna Wallace effected some tremendous changes after working with Tony Inman

“Seven years into my business and my anxiety was increasing and my relationship with my husband was suffering. I found myself getting frustrated and angry and this upset me because I was always really happy, grateful and light before I started my business. 

I began my business with the biggest dreams, which I held on to, but I just wasn’t moving forwards no matter how much I tried. I felt like I was stuck in a hole and I was digging myself deeper and deeper into it.

I had worked with Tony before but didn’t really understand what he could offer me. The second time I approached Tony I was really at my lowest point. This was the year in my business where I took off the hat of “I know everything”, to wearing that of “I need some help”.

I really started doing some deep subconscious work on myself. I have heard the word subconscious mind before, but I never really understood what it was. I thought I did but not until I started working deeper and understanding things on a deeper level.

Tony was able to see where I was getting stuck and help me approach my blocks in ways I hadn’t been able to do before. After working with Tony for five sessions I am happy to say I am glad I stuck with him because he has given me a whole new way of using my mind that I look forward to strengthening as time goes by.

I wouldn’t have seen this in the first or second session with Tony but the persistence of working with him and taking the time to work on myself with Tony has definitely paid off. Thank you so much for helping me see life differently Tony.

Your perceptions of life could be thousands of things and with Tony’s help my perception and outlook has improved. I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me."

Suzanna Wallace, Business Owner, The Green Naturopath

George Barr pursued his lifelong dream lifestyle after working with Tony Inman

“I suffered a major illness and had to have a new shiny machine planted in my chest. Tony kept me inspired, and what I learned from him took me further than I could have imagined.

When I went for a Bar Manager job in Broome, the life skills that Tony employed and his coaching under the most difficult of circumstances put me in the right time and place.

In the last three months, I have surfed more beaches than I could name, driven in excess of twenty thousand kilometres, and have travelled across the Nullarbor twice in as many months. Some call it ‘Living the dream!’

Take the hint and get with Tony. His skills are solid, and the life coaching…?

Well, the facts of my story say it all. If you’re at a breaking point, look for your point break. Go surf life and have Tony assist!”

George Barr, No Fixed Address or Job!

David Price was reenthused after working with Tony Inman

“I felt like my business had become routine and was too dependent on me grinding away day after day.

Tony helped me to re-evaluate my goals and direction, and together, we developed a plan whereby I could build the business, hire and develop new, competent staff, and review our systems.

This will free me up to have more time with my family – both here in Australia and overseas.

Tony helped me interview prospective candidates and gave me advice on our business proposition. We are now re-branding our business, and I am re-enthused.

Tony genuinely believes in the people he helps. His business nous is invaluable. I am happy to recommend Tony’s services to small business owners who seek the benefit of an experienced consultant to give them a fresh perspective.”

David Price, Advertising Agency Owner, Perth WA

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