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Many people have good business ideas but don't make them happen. Why?

There can be many reasons, such as...

  • They lack the self-belief to follow up and take it any further.
  • They allow well-meaning family or friends to pour cold water on the idea.
  • They lack the capital required and/or cannot imagine how they can obtain the funding required to get it off the ground.
  • They lack the skillsets or knowledge to take things further.
  • They are already too busy or cannot manage to free up the time it will take to get started.
  • Someone already seems to be doing it, and probably better than they think they can.
  • They just can't find the energy or drive to do it!


In all of these cases, there is a common theme - the need to do proper market research work and assess the viability or feasibility of the project is crucial if you want to bring your concept to reality.

I have had more business ideas than I can possibly remember, and I CAN remember starting over twenty business ventures.  What I also found along the way though was that just because I COULD start a business venture didn't mean that I SHOULD start it!

For a little while, I was registered as a Business Mentor at Curtin University's Centre for Entrepreneurship, which I believe sadly ceased being funded, but I have now also privately mentored many would-be entrepreneurs to help them assess their concept, and where it stands up to scrutiny, take it through this pre-start stage.

Everything begins as somebody's concept...
Beware the naysayers!
It's vital to do the market research

Why Engage A Business Advisor Like Me, Tony Inman?

  • Knowledge – You can pick my brains for beneficial ideas and insights that could make you a lot of extra revenue and profit.
  • Experience – My coaching, consulting and mentoring is based on over 35 years in management, with over 20 years developing a variety of my own businesses. A common attribute of successful people is that they learn from other people’s experience.
  • Mentoring – Invest in your own wisdom – the cost of failure is a lot higher than the investment in a coach.
  • Support – Business can feel very lonely, when you need to talk with someone and your family or friends may not understand. I’ve got your back!
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I have a track record of successfully helping many people in many different situations to solve their problems and get results. (See a selection of my previous client testimonials)

You might need holistic support or maybe just some tailored solutions It will cost you nothing to have a chat, but it might cost you a lot if you don’t!

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