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Struggling vs. Under Control

Struggling in business and feeling stressed?

Let's have a conversation and see how quite often, some relatively simple steps can help you start to turn things around and alleviate that stress.

There's an old saying, 'You can't see the wood for the trees' and it can feel like that when things aren't going well in your business. The stress takes over your mind, making it harder to think clearly. This can lead to missing crucial details, solutions to problems and opportunities.

As a Coach / Mentor / Consultant, I've often found I can ask what may appear obvious questions about why things are the way they are because I'm not as involved emotionally as the business client.

By me asking better questions, together we come up with better solutions.

Do you get that sinking feeling in your business?
I can ask you different questions that can help you find better solutions and regain control

What Do We Mean by 'Under Control?'

The Japanese have a philosophy called 'kaizen', which translates for us as 'continuous improvement'. In short, we examine your systems and processes, and where necessary, introduce them or upgrade them, so that you can achieve better results.

Systemising the way you do business can introduce disciplines that make it easier and more efficient for training your people, for doing the work to a consistent standard and ultimately for satisfying your customers to the extent that they become not only repeat customers, but potentially, 'lifetime customers' and referral sources.

Sometimes the simplest of tweaks can bring massive results. That also means that my clients feel like they're back in control of their business again, which has a knock-on effect by improving the work/life balance situation.

I probably won't know your business as well as you know it, but because I'm not you, I can challenge your assumptions, develop new ideas with you, strategically help you implement them and hold you accountable to make the changes you said you would.

By reviewing why you do what you do and how, we can streamline systems and develop improvements.

But If You're Struggling What if You're Worried You Can't Afford Tony's Fees?

I know it's easy for me to say, but the answer is simple - don't worry!

I've been in that situation myself, worried if I could continue to survive in business and worried I couldn't afford to ask anyone for help. After going through that struggle, and feeling very lonely and stressed while I did it, that's part of what made me decide to become a coach / mentor / consultant. With hindsight, I wish I'd reached out more, instead of retreating into my cave, so now, I get to help people by learning from my experiences.

Like I said before, most successful people have gone through their challenges before their wins outweighed their setbacks.

I don't charge for an initial chat and I never surprise anyone with a fee that hasn't first been discussed and agreed to.

I may or may not be 'the right coach' or the 'right solution' for you, but if I'm not, I may be able to connect you with someone who is.

So, please don't let a fear of the fee get in the way of seeking help. My fees are negotiable to suit a client's situation - I'm not here to add to someone's problems, I'm here to help find solutions to problems, to add value and to help explore possibilities.

Contact me for a free chat today!

Worrying doesn't help you. Taking better action does.
Struggling wears you out. Make a decision to seek help today!
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