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Do You Want to Firstly Just Survive in Business?

Whether you have a new, or early stages business, or even if you've successfully established a business, you may be facing a difficult situation where you're wondering if you can even survive in business, let alone think about growing it!

If you want to continue to survive in business, you can never 'rest on your laurels' and assume that what has worked in the past will continue to work - in today's fast-paced world, things change very quickly!

Most small businesses start up with little or no business planning.

Why is that important?


We survived!

Why a Business Plan Matters

Business plans can range from a few notes, scribbled on a napkin over coffee, to a detailed and comprehensive document. Believe me, as an impatient entrepreneur, I've done both!

Now let me expand on that...

An initial business concept may well begin as an idea that is summarised in a few notes - that's not really a plan - it's simply a possibility.

The possibility should then be properly investigated in the form of market research to see if it's feasible or viable. Some of the best ideas in the world didn't result in any actual profits. I've mentored many would-be entrepreneurs who wish to start up a business, and my advice is always the same - information is your friend. The more research you do, the more (of the right) people you speak to, the better informed you will become. You can learn a lot from other people with experience, people who have succeeded in business and especially people who have failed...

Those who have failed, really?

Yes, because learning what not to do and what didn't work may reveal pitfalls you haven't considered. Plus, many successful business people will tell you that they also experienced some setbacks or disappointments, even 'failed' ventures along the way, before they succeeded.

Many business people wouldn't even know how to start writing a business plan, but don't worry, it's something I can help you with. Oh, and if your idea is 'top secret', you can chat about it to me in confidence.

If your focus right now is just about how to survive in business, you will need a plan for how you are going to turn this situation around, and quickly!

If you're already in 'struggle town', you may need a plan, so you can figure out how to keep creditors happy, pay out your debts, turn a loss into a profit, or even negotiate some funding, you need to take action today. Contact me for a free chat today!

If you are concerned that you're heading towards 'struggle town', the quicker you get out of denial and into action, the better your chances will be of surviving this potential crisis. Contact me for a free chat today!


Plans can come in all shapes and sizes!


Even one of my heroes had some business setbacks!


If you're losing money fast, you need to take action quickly!

But What if You're Worried You Can't Afford Tony's Fees?

That's simple - don't worry!

I've been in that situation myself, worried if I could continue to survive in business. After going through that struggle, and feeling very lonely and stressed while I did it, that's part of what made me decide to become a coach / mentor / consultant. With hindsight, I wish I'd reached out more, instead of retreating into my cave.

Like I said before, most successful people have gone through their challenges before their wins outweighed their setbacks.

I don't charge for an initial chat and I never charge a fee that hasn't first been discussed and agreed to.

I may or may not be 'the right coach' or the 'right solution' for you, but if I'm not, I may be able to connect you with someone who is.

So, please don't let a fear of the fee get in the way of seeking help. My fees are negotiable to suit a client's situation - I'm not here to add to someone's problems, I'm here to help find solutions to problems, to add value and to help explore possibilities.

Contact me for a free chat today!



Stressing Doesn't Help - Action Does!


Don't Delay - Take Action!

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