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Ways to Work with Coach Tony Inman

I'm Ready to Start on My Coaching Journey

Perhaps you have already met me in person or online; maybe I've been recommended to you; or you simply feel ready to start with some type of coaching, consulting or mentoring, whether in business or general life; if so, click on the button to contact me.

We begin with an introductory chat where we can become more acquainted, and together we can decide if working together on your specific need would be a good match.

There is no high pressure selling to be afraid of - that's not how I operate. In fact, I don't work with everyone because I also need to feel that (a) you are coachable and (b) you are willing and able to take action to solve or address your issues.

This is a FREE chat and you can ask me any questions that will help you decide if you're ready for the next step. (Some answers to standard questions may have already been answered for your on my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. 

If it is going well, we can proceed to what I call a Discovery Session, where we will probe deeper and decide on your key objectives and evolve a strategy to help you achieve them. We would also agree on how much you are investing in your coaching, consulting or mentoring program before proceeding, so there are no unexpected fees.

If you are unsure, or your budget is less, you may decide that rather than investing yet in one-to-one coaching, you might be interested in attending one of my workshops or enrolling in my group mentoring program.

A Coaching Discovery Session is where we delve deeper, work our your key objectives and decide on a strategy to help you achieve them.

I'm Thinking about Coaching but May Not Be Ready Yet

That's perfectly fine. A lot of people who went on to become clients weren't ready when I first met them for a whole host of reasons. As they say, "Timing is everything!"

Some of them began by reading my book, others attended one of my workshops, or perhaps heard me speak at a networking event first.

One person delayed because they were in the middle of moving house; another was moving business premises; another wanted to get some pressing bills out of the way before they invested in coaching; sometimes life just gets in the way!

One client had known me for two years and had read my book and been impressed with it. He announced at a networking breakfast that this was the year he needed some coaching, so he was going to call me to get started. It still took him another six months before we finally started working together on his situation.

At least these days, and especially since the COVID lockdowns we know that coaching can be achieved in many ways, both in person and online, or even by phone.

I'd rather that you are ready, willing and able, and in the right frame of mind to begin when we do.

That said, even if we have started, and something urgent comes up, we can always put our agreement on hold while you deal with whatever it is. I'm totally flexible.

If you'd like to have a chat, that's fine. One client delayed six months to get some stuff out of the way before we commenced. Then I helped encourage and guide her to start her own business, in which she went on to be phenomenally successful.

An introductory chat can be conducted via online videocam or even a phone call. It's free and will enable us to figure out if we are a match for working together on your challenges.


There are other ways to dip your toe in the water, so to speak, before committing to diving in...

You can read my books, attend my workshops or seminars, follow your preferred platform of my social media pages (links at the bottom of the page), or you can contact me to arrange a no-obligation chat about your specific situation.

I can even tailor a program,  specifically designed for you or to suit the needs of your organisation or team, to help you get the results that you want and deserve.

To find out more, simply contact me via this website or leave a message for me, Tony on 0419 860 382.

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