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Effective Executive Coaching and/or Mentoring

Effective Executive Coaching includes self-awareness, career planning, personal growth, leadership, & better results at work and in life.

So, if you're reading this, something has piqued your interest, which tells me that in some way, you want to improve and for 'things' to be different or better.

Let's start with this thought...

If you ask children what they want to be or do when they grow up, you'll get answers like 'astronaut', 'cowboy' or 'rock star'.

The innocence of youth is not fraught with the limitations in thinking that we have allowed to shackle us as adults.

As children, the story we are told most is that you can do anything and be anything that you want, if you just work hard enough at school.

As adults we often lose those innocent dreams and can live a 'settle for' life, instead of pursuing a career that truly excites us.

Sometimes, some people may have you wondering about what I'm about to say, but in my opinion, nobody goes to work thinking, 'What can I stuff up today?'

We all want to enjoy what we do for a living and we like to succeed in our own way. Most people want to be recognised for their efforts at work and to feel valued and appreciated. In short, we want to be respected (and ideally, loved as humans).

As an Executive, whether you are an Owner, a Manager or a Key Senior Employee, the way you relate to those around you will be really affected by the goals you have or don't have, the way you filter your view of the world and the way you reflect on your experiences thus far.

If you want to have different results than what you have been getting, or are currently achieving, if you want to be an effective executive, then something needs to change, and usually, that starts with YOU.

What is the story of your life and your personal development?
Is your life and career going the way you had dreamed it would?
Some executives may not need to feel 'liked' but we all want to feel respected.

What Is Involved in Becoming an Effective Executive?

A coach and/or a mentor can challenge your views and help you become more self-aware. This is a key trait in transitioning from an executive to an effective executive.

This may start with some simple self-analysis questionnaires, but also an experienced coach can pick up on the things you reveal about your beliefs, attitudes and mindsets during a coaching session.

Your beliefs underpin your thinking, which affects your feelings, which drive your behaviour, which ultimately determine your results.

Ultimately, your coach will help you discover the answers that lie within you so you can piece together the missing links, or discover your personal ‘scotomas’ – the blindspots in your thinking that may be hindering your progress towards more successful outcomes.

Coaching can be done one-on-one, or in group sessions for teams. Mentoring tends to be more private, so is usually done one-to-one. Coaching is more about helping you discover the answers to problems through experienced observation and questioning. Mentoring tends to be more directive in the form of advice and guidance given, based on your agreed intentions and objectives.

In my personal experience, working with executives, whether leaders, managers or business owners, I can wear several different hats, mentor, coach or consultant, in the one session, depending on what the client needs to help them become an effective executive.

Coaching is different for everyone because we are all unique individuals with a unique set of personal circumstances. Nevertheless, the system that I have developed over many years has been proven to help people face and conquer the changes they needed to implement to be able to move forwards in their business lives and in their personal lives. I call it ‘The Inman System’.

Contact me and I will call you to arrange a no obligation chat to see how we can help you live the life you really want and enjoy the results you deserve as an effective executive.

As we become more self-aware, we develop our people skills and become a more effective executive.
In becoming an effective executive you can lead teams effectively
Trust yourself, work on yourself and become an effective executive!
Take some action today - reach out for more information

Just a Few of the Many Comments from Previous Effective Executives I Have Worked with

Testionial for Tony Inman from Kym Chomley - an 'Effective Executive'

“Tony Inman has been my life coach for the past 10 months (2011-2012) while I have been redesigning my career, lifestyle and personal life.

During this time he has successfully kept me focused on achieving the goals that I established both at the outset of the coaching and also as additional goals were identified.

His support, ability to cut to the core issues and highlight areas that I have yet to recognise and address have been invaluable during this time. I am delighted with my continued development.

Kym Chomley - Catalyst for personal, business and global change, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Testimonial for Tony Inman from Guglielmo Placanica - an "Effective Executive'

"I had been looking for a life coach for quite some time when I met Tony. I knew I needed to find the appropriate mentor, someone who I could relate to and who would make me feel at ease. After speaking with Tony I realised he would be the mentor for me.
I did not know what to expect from the coaching/mentoring sessions. Each session had its own focus and we delved into belief systems, values and life goals.

Tony’s ability to see life experiences from a different perspective assisted me greatly. I began to see my belief systems, my values and my life goals from a different viewpoint. This led to a deeper understanding and appreciation of my life experiences and a sense of clarity, conviction, and determination to pursue my career and personal goals.

I am grateful to Tony for the coaching and the contribution he has made to my personal and professional growth."

Guglielmo Placanica, Writer, Poet & Public Speaker, Perth WA

A testimonial for Tony Inman from Sabrina Remedios - an 'Effective Executive'

“I reached out to Tony and asked if he’d be happy to do some long distance coaching. I had no idea what to expect from the sessions with him, but every ‘chat’ we’ve had since has turned up countless ideas, some big whopper insights and given me more focus about the direction I am going in.

Through listening to me, Tony has helped to bring awareness to the things I say, do, or experience that create a pattern that doesn’t serve me. He has then helped me find my own paths to changing them. Whether it is to do with my personal or professional life and ambitions, he has been able to bring clarity through his questions and help me to take steps forward to achieving what it is I truly want. I had a coaching session today where we talked about writing down what we are grateful for – well this is mine:  I am enormously grateful for having met Tony and Jo and for now having the opportunity to work with a coach that really cares about my personal success.

If you aren’t sure what Tony’s coaching can do for you, I’d recommend just having a first chat to find out – at the very worst you’ll have spoken to someone with a great sense of humour who can give you an honest perspective – at best, you’ll be starting a partnership that will transform your potential into a roadmap that takes you to exactly where you always knew you could be! ”

Sabrina Remedios, Communications Consultant, London, England

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