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Book Review - The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard


The following are recordings of a series of online Masterclasses facilitated by Life Coach and Business Consultant, Tony Inman with an international panel of voluntary participants.

These attendees contributed their own thoughts about the book and added value with anecdotes or insights that were stimulated by the book and the ensuing discussions.

Disclaimer (The small print!) - We respect all rights of the book's author and publishers and the opinions cited in these recordings are subjective, based on the facilitator and attendees' personal life experiences. All attendees agreed to being recorded for training purposes. None of the opinions expressed should therefore be relied upon as constituting legal, financial, physical or mental health advice, and we always recommend seeking advice from professionals who are qualified in the relevant industries and can offer advice that is tailored to the viewer's or listener's unique circumstances.

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Reviewing Intro & Section 1

Chapter One 'On Freedom'

Reviewing Section 1
Chapter 2 - 'On Fear'
Chapter 3 - 'On Motivation'

Reviewing Section 2
I. We Shall Meet Life with Full Presence and Power
II. We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda

Reviewing Section 2
III. We Shall Defeat Our Demons
IV. We Shall Advance with Abandon

Reviewing Section 2
V. We Shall Practice Joy and Gratitude
VI. We Shall Not Break Integrity

Reviewing Section 2
VII. We Shall Amplify Love
VIII. We Shall Inspire Greatness

Reviewing Section 2
IX. We Shall Slow Time
Summary of the Group's Thoughts

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