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Tony Inman - The Author
Tony Inman – Businessman and Author

Here is an Overview of My Background


Tony Inman - Author, Coach, Presenter and Businessman
Tony Inman – an overview

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Family Values and Business Experience

Raised in a family business, and now as an entrepreneur with over 35 years management experience in numerous companies in Europe and Australia, including 20 years creating and managing 21 of my own businesses, I have helped thousands of staff, customers and clients to set new goals and create new dreams.

I began with a career in retail management, initially in Jersey, Channel Islands, before migrating to Australia in 1985. My retail career continued with Target, Wonderland of Toys, Big W and Red Dot Stores, with spells selling insurance products, multi-level marketing and management consulting.

In 1996, I then developed my own chain of businesses under my Club Red brand, encompassing tourist accommodation, hospitality, adventure tourism, transport – car sales, servicing and rentals, towing, office relocations, cleaning and event management.

After selling my core business in tourism that I had operated for over 14 years, I decided to set up a business where I could consult to, and mentor, owners of small businesses and executives, plus use my coaching skills to help them develop strategies for success in business and in life.

Since 2010, I’ve personally invested over $90,000 in personal development programmes, business seminars and training courses so that I could provide a better and more complete service to my clients, both in business growth and personal development areas.

Why I Can Help You

I’ve been certified as a…

  • Master Coach under the ‘UpCoach’ programme in Sydney and Melbourne,
  • Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) studying under numerous excellent trainers from California, Hawaii and Australia.
  • Trainer and Assessor, with a Cert. IV TAE
  • Plus, I have studied the Ancient Hawaiian esoteric principles of Huna from a Huna Grand Master.
  • Additionally, I have also worked as an approved Mentor at Curtin University’s Centre of Entrepreneurship in Perth on the Curtin Growth Programme.

I’ve published several books (including ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well’) and I’ve been featured in several publications and on radio. (See Media kit)

Today, my company has two main operational divisions, trading as Club Red Inspiration and Club Red Strata Cleaning.

If you’d like more information specifically about business or some help to reinvent your business and therefore your life, then check out Tony’s pages on business coaching, consulting or mentoring.

Tony and partner Jo enjoy the travel lifestyle
My partner, Jo and I love to travel, meet new people and enjoy a diversity of experiences

Walking the Talk – My Work / Life Balance Philosophy

After operating a 24/7 business for fourteen years, I know all to well what it’s like to deal with business pressure. I’ve also learned why it’s vital to balance your life and to have fun in both your work and your recreational and family time.

My hobbies include:

  • Travel – I’m working through my ‘bucket list’
  • Scuba Diving – see my scuba story
  • Soccer (football)
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Music – I sing and play guitar
  • Writing
  • The study of crystals and essential oils for health and well-being
  • Reading – especially about mindset, philosophy, business success and biographies

Let Me Help You…

With a lifetime of experience, I feel aptly qualified to help people to manage change and move forwards. If you’re curious, let’s organise a chat over a coffee. (Or a green smoothie, if you prefer!)

Feel free to contact me via this website or to leave me a message on 0419 860 382 and we’ll have a curiosity catch-up.


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