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These are some of the other roles that I fulfill. I’m sharing this as I believe they may give some of my friends and clients some useful ideas. It may also help potential clients to see that I am a real person too!

I have led a very fortunate life so far. I am confident that this list will continue to grow!


Tony & Jo at Rottnest

The Partner

I enjoy going places and enjoying life with my inspirational girlfriend, Jo Small.





Craig & Kim grown up
Craig & Kim grown up

The Father

I love catching up with my two grown-up children, Craig and Kim.





Kim with my grandson, Hayden
Kim with my grandson, Hayden

The Grandfather

I love having fun with my adorable grandson, Hayden – then when Grandpa’s worn out, I can hand him back to my daughter!




Tony & Jo in Egypt
Tony & Jo in Egypt

The Traveller

Jo and I love travelling the world and visiting all of the places on our ‘bucket list’. For some ideas, click here. Recent trips together have included: Egypt, Rottnest Island WA, Canberra, Thailand, the Solomon Islands, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney,the Abroholos Islands, Broome, Vanuatu, Malaysia, York, Melbourne, Bali, Papua New Guinea, the Gili Islands, Adelaide, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Mexico.


Scuba Diving the world
Scuba Diving the World

The Scuba Diver

We have scuba dived some of the best dive sites in the world!It means a lot to me as I used to have a childhood fear.Jo and I are both Rescue Divers.

My son Craig also dives.See the page on Scuba Diving



Flying small aircraft
Tony loves to view the world from above!

The Pilot

I obtained my British and American Private Pilot’s Licence when I was 19.  I did most of my flying from Jersey over France and the South of England.

Flying is one of the great joys in life! Alas I don’t get to do so much of it these days.



Watching the Red Devils
Watching the Red Devils

The Football Fan

I have been fanatic about soccer since I was a child. George Best was my childhood hero but it’s a long way for me to go to a home game now! (Dad was from Manchester!)




Tony and Yogi
A Red Devil for life

The Football Player (Soccer)

I have also played the game of football (soccer) since I was a youngster. I have a lot of fun still playing veteran’s or master’s soccer with my mates at Franklins United, though the injuries are getting harder to shake off these days!(Yes that is a George Best shirt I’m wearing!)



Playing volleyball
Volleyball is fun

The Beach Volleyball Player

Volleyball is a lot of fun – After playing on Rio’s Copacabana beach and Cancun beach it’s now one of my mini-bucket-list goals to play on the best beaches in the world!




Tony entertains
Tony entertains

The Musician

Another of my great passions is singing and playing guitar. I used to play regularly when I had a bar – I even went busking in the city with my mate, Glenn Treagus! Nowadays, I just play at friends’ parties in private houses.




It's fun to cook a surprise dinner
It’s fun to cook a surprise dinner

The Chef

When I get the chance, I love to cook. It feels like art when you present something that looks really colourful and yummy.




It's important to work on fitness in your 50's!
It’s important to work on fitness in your 50’s!

The Jogger

I have to admit that I’ve struggled with my fitness and weight management since my late 40’s but I do enjoy training for events like the Perth City to Surf.





The Parrot And The Lady
The Parrot And The Lady

The Creative Writer

Creative writing – It is said there is at least one novel in all of us and here is my first one – it’s a tongue-in-cheek, spy thriller, set in the South Pacific.

Check out ‘The Parrot and the Lady’– it is now available by mail order, in book stores and online. have also co-authored a book with George Faddoul, entitled ‘How to Get a Bigger Bite Out of Life’.


Author Tony Inman with an inspirational book for people facing change
This is a book that I hope will inspire a lot of people going through change

The Self-Help Writer

Now you can also order my latest book, entitled ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well”.

This is designed to be a self help book that will inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams in life.



Andrew Matthews, celebrated cartoonist and author
Andrew Matthews is a brilliant author

The Reader

Reading is one of my favourite things. When you read a book, you absorb in a few hours the things it has taken the author a lifetime to learn. Here’s a useful reading list of mine.




This list is by no means finished but I hope it may give people a few ideas of things that are worth doing.

If you feel that I may be able to help you with any aspect of change that you are facing, please leave me a message via the website contact form or by calling (08) 9328 2203.



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