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Let’s Start With…Why am I an Entrepreneur?;  

What Can You Expect From Tony Inman – ‘The Entrepreneur?’;

and How Can I Inspire You?


“I believe in the concept of ‘giving life your best shot’. That means having more experiences, learning more, connecting with more people and striving to be the best you can be.

In business, to me that means providing the best products or services that you can that will in some way solve people’s problems or enhance their lives and give them a great experience. There’s absolutely no point in trying to rip people off or exploit them – it’s wrong and it will always lead to rack and ruin. Being ethical and giving that little bit extra is the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary. Plus business should always be something that is fun. If it’s just something to endure or to just pay the bills, then you’re doing the wrong thing.”

Tony Inman


The Quick Summary

Tony Inman is an Australian businessman and Managing Director of Club Red Pty Ltd
Tony Inman – The Entrepreneur

I always had the feeling that I was put on this Earth for some greater purpose and that I was meant to achieve something. You could certainly argue that I’ve already done that, just by having two wonderful children and by the interactions I’ve had with so many amazing people from all over the world.

Maybe it’s not unusual to have that feeling, but in my case it has driven me to want to learn more, to become more and to contribute more. I always wanted to go into business, but I had no clue what it was that I should do.

Today, as you read this, I am Managing Director of Club Red Pty Ltd, based in Perth Western Australia and founded in 1996. My company currently has a cleaning business, Club Red Strata Cleaning and a Coaching/Consulting/Mentoring business, Club Red Inspiration. The company is also a registered exporter and over the years, through Club Red I have operated many small businesses.

Tony Inman loves to turn concepts into reality
Tony Inman loves to turn concepts into reality

In total I have over 35 years of management experience and I’ve set up around 20 businesses, some of which were very successful and some less so. More of that story later, though for a quick summary, I have a background in retail; insurance; tourist accommodation; hospitality; adventure tours; a vehicle dealership; vehicle servicing; hire cars; vehicle transporting; cleaning; an employment agency; office furniture relocations; events and now coaching and consulting.

I have spent thousands of hours coaching, training and developing people – my own staff, then managers, then clients and their teams. I was also a mentor at Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship.

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It is through dealing with my own personal and business crises and having to re-invent myself many times, plus helping other people to overcome daunting obstacles to do the same thing, that I became both a creator of change and a catalyst for change.

Change is constantly occurring around you, so if you’re not changing and adapting on the inside, then you are setting yourself up for trouble. Hence my tagline of ‘The Change Catalyst’.

Today, I help improve people’s lives by taking care of the strata complexes where they live and work and I help owners of small and medium businesses to grow and consolidate their livelihood.

My goal with my business is to help create businesses that are built to last and to help people to enjoy memorable and meaningful lives.

Tony Inman believes in creating a business to give you the lifestyle you want
Tony and Jo at Chichen Itza, Mexico in 2014

For me, I want businesses that give me that joy of helping others to achieve the above, plus give my family the lifestyle that I want for us. My partner, Jo and I love to travel the world and I get to work the hours I want, by arrangement with my clients. I even get to do the things I love doing, like scuba diving, playing volleyball and soccer, playing guitar and writing books – my list of things is quite long! As an example, in 2014, we travelled to South America, climbing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, visiting the Iguazu falls, the Amazon jungle, Rio de Janeiro, Argentina and the Mayan temples of Mexico.

I believe that my income is  limited by only my ambition or my willingness to invest time and it’s the same for you too. I have put in place a solid, happy team on whom I can depend and I strive to be a great boss.

In short, I DO work hard and conscientiously, but I also aim to work SMART. That’s one of the mantras I teach my clients. Having a great life is more important to me than dying with pots of money. Nevertheless, I aim to make enough to fund the lifestyle I want and to help my family and the causes I care about.

If this approach to business sounds good to you, then feel free to leave me a message using the website contact form or call (08) 9328 2203 and we’ll have a chat.

I am always open to business ideas – either as a joint venture partner, or as a coach/consultant/mentor. If I can’t help you personally, I will try to connect you with others who may be able to do so.


Peter Butler has known Tony Inman for many years and highly recommends him as a coach“Tony’s life and business experiences have equipped him with great insight into what it takes to get a business moving.

I’ve also seen Tony in action on helping clients fast track building their website.

I know myself what comprehension that skill set can bring to a business. Highly recommended.”

Peter B Butler

Managing Director – Smarter Enterprises & Smarter Websites

John Denton recommends Coach Tony Inman“Tony is very dedicated to self improvement and helping others.
He has vast experience from working at all levels in retail business, tourism and hospitality.
Tony’s no BS approach to coaching business owners and executives means that he quickly produces an ROI for his clients.
Consider Tony for your coaching requirements and you will not be disappointed.”

John Denton
Owner, Denton & Associates – Business Consultant, Presenter & Facilitator


Business Owner Jo Saunders highly recommends Business and Life coach Tony Inman“I have know Tony for over two years via a networking group and enjoy his input and coaching advice.

He inspires and motivates those around him and has provided me with some great guidance in business and life.”


Jo Saunders

Owner – Wildfire Social Marketing, Digital Communications Strategist and Coach, Linked In specialist


Bernie Kroczek highly recommends Coach and Businessman Tony Inman“Tony Inman is a guy who has no limits.
I’m amazed at some of the things he does, like running in the City to Surf, still playing soccer at 50+, diving, travelling to exotic places and now business and personal coaching.
He is prepared to travel all over the country for training and to improve his knowledge and, most importantly his willingness to share is quite rare in the modern world.
Above all else Tony is a great guy with a genuine love of life and humanity.
Having initially met in a business relationship, I now count him as a genuine friend.
He is also a Man U supporter so that says something about his impeccable taste for fine things.”
Bernie Kroczek

Proprietor of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate and Total Care Property Management


Ryan Sloan endorses businessman Tony Inman“Tony and I are both council members for a prominent Perth apartment complex.

Through working with Tony in this capacity I have come to know him well and he is a fantastic person with an amazing business acumen.

Tony is a compassionate and kind person and a true subject matter expert when it comes to consulting in the areas of business and lifestyle improvement.

I recommend him highly.”

Ryan Sloan

Sourcing Team Leader- GE Oil & Gas


Steve Wholer applauds Tony Inman's business approach
Steve Wholer

“Tony has managed to be a business owner and yet have a great lifestyle.

A skill that few of us have.”

Steve Wholer

Former Business Proprietor

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