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Tony Inman Coaching Reviews: ‘A Sense of Clarity, Conviction and Determination’

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Tony Inman Coaching Reviews: ‘A Sense of Clarity, Conviction and Determination’

Coaching is often about helping someone to clear the fog in their mind, because we frequently have the answers deep within us, but sometimes we don’t know the right questions to ask ourselves. When I first met Guglielmo at a business networking event, he went by his anglicised name of William and he wasn’t in a very happy frame of mind at all. In fact, he looked quite troubled.

Within a few sessions together, we had reignited his inner sparkle and addressed some of the questions that had remained unanswered for too much of his life. I am delighted to say that, since reasserting his true identity, Guglielmo has blossomed, mainly because he has pursued his veritable adoration of writing and speaking. The smile he now wears speaks volumes and this is what he had to say about the experience of working with me:

Guglielmo Placanica - coaching review Tony Inman
Guglielmo Placanica

“I had been looking for a life coach for quite some time when I met Tony. I knew I needed to find the appropriate mentor, someone who I could relate to and who would make me feel at ease. After speaking with Tony I realised he would be the mentor for me.

I did not know what to expect from the coaching/mentoring sessions. Each session had its own focus and we delved into belief systems, values and life goals.

Tony’s ability to see life experiences from a different perspective assisted me greatly. I began to see my belief systems, my values and my life goals from a different viewpoint. This led to a deeper understanding and appreciation of my life experiences and a sense of clarity, conviction, and determination to pursue my career and personal goals.

I am grateful to Tony for the coaching and the contribution he has made to my personal and professional growth.”

Guglielmo Placanica, Writer, Poet & Speaker, Former Accountant, Belmont, Western Australia


If you’d like to find out more about coaching can help you manage, or even get rid of the stress in your life that is holding you back from achieving your potential, feel free to contact me, Tony Inman to arrange a no-obligation chat.

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