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Coaching Discovery Session - sounds like a great idea , but what's it all really about and how does it work?

Many of your questions can be answered with a short phone conversation or by checking out our frequently asked questions (Coaching FAQ).

Message me, Tony on 0419 860 382 if you are within Australia or simply use the website contact form if you are overseas from Australia.

There is no charge for a conversation.

Step 1  - Book for free what I call a 'Discovery Session'

What I call a 'Discovery Session' enables you to sit down over a cuppa (in person or via the internet) and chat about your story and discover what's not working the way you want it to be - let's define what is it that you would really like to change?

This initial meeting is to allow you and me to get to know each other and to decide if it's a match for both of us to want to work together. As a guideline, it typically goes for up to 60 minutes, so you can define your problems, obstacles and opportunities. There is no obligation for you to purchase further coaching - we only continue if we both agree it's a match and we agree on a method and a fee to suit your budget.

Methods of coaching will depend on time and geographical considerations. I have coached clients around the world via instant messaging, or by even telephone. If we are close by, we can schedule face-to-face sessions. I also run occasional group coaching sessions in seminars or workshops. I'm currently developing online modules to make it even easier for my clients. Frequency and duration of sessions may vary to suit you as well. This is why we need to chat first, to see what will work best for you.

It's important to review your story - together we can figure out how you want the story of your life to proceed from now onwards.

Here is a revelation - "Coaching is not necessarily for everyone"

Ask yourself these questions as honestly as you can...

  1. 'Am I coachable?'
  2. 'Do I really want to change something more than I want it to stay the same?'
  3. 'Am I willing to be held accountable to follow through and do the work (on myself)?
  4. 'Am I willing to invest some money to develop my greatest asset? (i.e. yourself!) 


Some people have no desire to actually take any action to change their situation and they would rather sit with their problems, keep whingeing about them and do the same old thing than do anything different to fix them!

Some people are not willing to invest in themselves to change their situation for the better!

It may seem obvious to you, but I won't waste my time with those people. I'm here to help YOU move forwards.

I'm here to help YOU get clear about what you DON'T WANT and WHY; clear about what you DO WANT and WHY; and figure out HOW and WHEN we can turn that goal into a reality.


"Many clients have stated that they experienced a shift in perspective about their problems and felt better, even after the small amount of free coaching that can take place just in the discovery session!" ~Tony Inman

If you don't change what you're doing, how would you expect to get different results?

Achievers Understand the Value of Coaching

Some of the world's most successful leaders, sporting legends and champions employ pre-determined strategies to overcome the obstacles in their way.

These same leaders typically use coaching to give them a cutting edge - you can too, if you so choose!

Find out how other clients of mine have undergone incredible transformations in their businesses and in their lives, thanks to my own system - 'The Inman System', designed to simplify your success journey.

See a sample of client testimonials here.

People who excel in life use coaches to help them turn ordinary results into extra-ordinary results!

Now, Are You Ready to Take Action?

Encourage yourself to take a little tiny leap of faith. Discover how you can get back on track for the success you want and stay on track with me, certified master coach, Tony Inman. (Click on my name if you want to know more about me first).

If you're ready to move forwards, you will work with me personally coaching you to develop an action plan that clearly states your goals and defines the steps you need to get there.

Coaching can give you a 'cutting edge!'

Start your journey to success today!

Let's Begin with a FREE Coaching Discovery Session...


Leave a message for Tony on +61 419 860 382

or Contact me via this website - Click here


 "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


Start your journet to successs today!

A few of the many reviews...

Dr Haley Jones is a fan of Tony Inman's style of coaching"Tony is very insightful, providing plenty of opportunities for seeing yourself and things in your life in ways you almost certainly would not have found by yourself.

He clearly has excellent business acumen, not surprising given his many years of experience running various businesses – some simultaneously.

I cannot recommend Tony highly enough as a coach for those venturing into business for themselves for the first time, or more experienced business owners who are looking to step up to the next level.”

Dr Haley Jones

Author, Business and Life Coach


Prak-Sangthon - Real Estate Principal, WA gives Tony Inman's coaching a 5 star rating“I have known Tony for over ten years now and have found him to be a man of inspiration.

He is honest, straight down the line and I can recommend him highly to improve any business. He's a great all round genuine guy who cares.

I’d give him a five star rating!”

Prak Sangthon

Director, Harcourts Integrity

Real Estate Agents, Maylands, Perth WA

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