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How to Develop a Confident Mindset

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How to Develop a Confident Mindset

Developing a confident mindset can help us to determine our level of success
Developing a confident mindset can help us to determine our level of success

Why is it that some people seem to achieve whatever they set their mind to effortlessly, whilst others find it so difficult?

Do YOU have unrealised achievements in YOUR life or YOUR business that you wished you had the confidence to make happen?

From a young age, I’ve invested a lot of my time studying success principles and reading biographies and auto-biographies of people throughout history, in all fields of endeavour, who are considered to be ‘successful’. I’ve been fascinated by what makes them seemingly so different from the bulk of humanity, who live apparently ‘ordinary’ lives.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that those who stand out from the rest have learned to develop a confident mindset.

In fact, most of our confidence and whether we succeed or fail in our business ventures, or in the fulfillment of our life goals and aspirations come down to the way we think and feel.


Purpose or Meaning

Becoming aware of, defining and crafting your life’s purpose and giving a sense of meaning to your life can immediately make a massive difference to your ability to develop a confident mindset.

Knowing your purpose enables you to create  inner calmness and an inner locus of control. Knowing and understanding that you are responsible for the course of your own destiny will help you to create resilience and fortitude in the face of adversity. You may not always be able to control everything that happens to you, but you can always determine how you react to it.

By first being willing to do the bit of ‘extra’ work on yourself, you have then created a foundation upon which to build that can enable you to transform ‘ordinary’ into ‘extraordinary’. 

“Nothing can stop the totally committed will.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill


The Kaizen Principle

To create a confident mindset then is in fact a process that is learned and a skill that is honed. You don’t just go from being a timid and fragile person to a self-assured go-getter overnight.

When you think about any high-achiever you care to mention, and you study their individual stories, you’ll find that without exception, they have all suffered setbacks, disappointments and heartaches, but what kept them going was the power of their belief in their dreams, purpose and sense of meaning in their lives. The concept of the ‘overnight success’ is nothing more than a myth, because their success was founded on the confidence and character traits developed through struggle.

In other words, you develop a confident mindset over time.

The Beatles were an unknown band, but they believed in their mission and worked tirelessly to develop a confident mindset
The Beatles were an unknown band, but they believed in their mission and worked tirelessly to improve their abilities.

You may have heard of the ‘Ten Thousand Hours’ principle, proposed by author Malcolm Gladwell in his book, ‘Outliers’, which stated that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice were required to become an expert in any field. His examples included the world-famous ‘Beatles’ rock band, who played relentlessly in the bars of Hamburg before they became an ‘overnight success’ back in Liverpool; and Bill Gates, who practiced with a computer around the clock from his teen years, prior to becoming an ‘overnight success’ with Microsoft.

The Kaizen principle was evolved in Japan and is largely credited to the work of an award-winning, American management consultant, named William Edwards Deming, who was sent there after World War II to help rebuild Japanese industry from the ashes and rubble of war. The system is based on the quest for continuous improvement in all areas, and it applies to both businesses and human beings. The continuous improvement is rarely achieved by giant leaps, but rather by a commitment to consistent, small advances.

You may have also heard the old adage, where the question is asked, “How do you eat an elephant?”

Answer – “One mouthful at a time.”

Note: I’m not advocating eating elephants! I am suggesting a quest for continuous, steady and manageable, self-improvement. 


How I Can Help You to Develop Self-Confidence and a Winning Mindset with my ‘Inman System’

A prerequisite trait of these so-called high achievers or people of influence was that they had a dream, a purpose or a mission to fulfill. They were human like the rest of us and were thus subject to the fears, self-doubt and occasional lack of confidence to be good enough to make it all work, just as we all are. Yet their persistence, backed with some definable tools and techniques, such as creative visualisation, steadily built their inner confidence until it became an unshakeable resolve. They developed self-confidence with a winning mindset, whether they realised it or not, by adopting certain key strategies. As the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs famously remarked in his Stanford University speech, most probably didn’t realise how they had grown into that person, until they had the benefit of hindsight…


“You cannot connect the dots by looking forward. You can only connect them by looking backward.” ~ Steve Jobs


My 'Inman System' is a conceptual framework that helps you develop a confident mindset and marketing so you can simplify achieving your life goals and success
My ‘Inman System’ is a conceptual framework that helps you develop a confident mindset and marketing so you can simplify achieving your life goals and success

The reasons I am confident that I can help you are that I have invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars, over many years,  in studying the behavioural science of the successful and the influential and I have previously helped many clients, peers and employees to improve themselves and their situations. (See testimonials) To achieve a self-confident mindset like these people have will invariably require a few paradigm shifts (subtle or sometimes drastic changes in our belief system that we like to call ‘aha’ moments) and mastery of our own ‘self-talk.’

Using proven tools and techniques, like those evolved from behavioural science study and Neuro Linguistic Patterning (NLP), I can help you foster a winning mindset and the confidence to more easily fulfill many of your life goals.

You can read my books, attend my workshops or seminars, follow your preferred platform of my social media pages, or you can contact me to arrange a no-obligation chat about your specific situation.

I can even tailor a program,  specifically designed for you or to suit the needs of your organisation or team, to help you get the results that you want and deserve. 

To find out more, simply contact me via this website or call me, Tony on 0419 860 382.

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