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Your First Steps on the Road to Success


It seems as if everywhere I go these days there are coaches with a message – coaches in life, coaches in business, coaches in de-cluttering, coaches in sport, coaches in relationships, coaches in not eating chips at midnight, coaches in how to get out of bed and live your life, but do they mention the vital and necessary first steps on your road to success!?

Everywhere I go, people are saying it’s all about your attitude, it’s all about positive thinking, it’s easy – you just do this, or that. or the other!

Is it easy???!!

* If it’s all so easy then, why aren’t we all super successful, just because we want to be?

* Why aren’t we all top academics without the need to study?

* Why aren’t we all multi-gazillionaires who blow our fortunes one day and get it back the next with no effort required?

* Why aren’t we all athletes who can eat icecream at 1am and not gain a kilo, doing nothing but sitting on the couch?

* And why aren’t we in great relationships with people who love us, while we remain totally selfish?


Answer – The Universe doesn’t really reward us without some semblance of effort, but it is SIMPLE  – What?!!

“It is simple to become successful at anything in life. Look at someone who’s done it and do what they did.” – Anon

“Are you insane, Tony Inman?” you may shout!

“Absolutely,” I say, “Being sane was far too limiting!”

How do you eat an elephant?

The reason I say it’s easy to do the simple things it takes to be successful, is because other people have done the things they had to do to succeed, and they did succeed, eventually, even if they had to overcome major setbacks that tested their resolve.

“OK then”, said the smartarse, “How do you eat an elephant?”

“That’s easy” said the wise person, “One mouthful at a time!”


The Law of Attraction and the Law of Procrastination

Here’s the catch though and the reason why most people are not as successful as they coulda, woulda, shoulda been…

It’s easier not to become successful at anything in life.

Those of you who have read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne or have heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’ would know that we attract what we think about.

It starts with a thought – “Wouldn’t it be great if I could do (whatever it is that you want to do)?” – we’ll call it X.

Then it becomes a decision – “I’m going to do X”

What’s next ? – Well, a big fat nothing if you don’t DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

(Otherwise you’d already be, do or have whatever X is to you)

So, here’s the thing – a famous coach, who was actually in the movie of ‘The Secret’, named Loral Langmeier, asked me this question a few years ago:

“So what must you do to be successful?”

Answer – “Whatever it takes!”

There you have it, it’s SIMPLE – if you’re not WHO you want to BE, DOING what you want to DO, and HAVING the things in life that you want to HAVE, there’s a good reason.

The Law of Attraction says that we attract what we think about.

Most of that reason is to do with what’s going on inside your own head.

That’s where a coach can really help the most.

The solution is really quite simple – if your dream of what you want, is big enough, and you REALLY want it (not just it would be quite nice if I could ‘X’), then the inspiration of that dream will motivate you to do whatever it takes. That’s why the famous author and speaker, Simon Sinek’s main maxim is ‘Start with Why”, i.e. figure out why doing (the thing) is important enough to you to make you do something.

The best part about it is WHO you become, in the process of DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Conclusion – Your First Steps on the Road to Success

  • Figure out what you really want to achieve.
  • Consolidate in your mind WHY doing it is important to you (or to a person or cause that you care about).
  • Seek the supporting resources you need to make it happen (the coach, the people, the equipment, the funding, the time etc.)
  • Look for examples of people who have done what you want to do and model the ones who got it right, plus learn from those who got it wrong!
  • Use the power of your mind for creative visualisation, aka manifesting, to see yourself having already accomplished the goal.
  • Take action. Even a small step forward is progress. Then take another step and another, and so on. Action inspires more action. Success breeds belief and more success.

If you’d like to discuss it further, please contact me, or leave a message and we’ll organise an initial free chat about how I can help you overcome any obstacles in your way, that may be preventing you living the life you deserve.

Until next time – seek inspiration and take action 🙂

Tony Inman

Tony Inman is an author of several books, mostly in the self-help arena. An entrepreneur with over 40 years of leadership & management experience in numerous companies in Europe and Australia, Tony has founded many of his own businesses in several fields, employing hundreds of staff and generating millions of dollars. He has worked with thousands of people, including many small business owners all over the world to develop and implement strategies for effective change and the achievement of their unique definition of success.

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