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Coffee Catch-Up with Tony


Let's have a coffee catch-up with nothing to lose and everything to gain
Let’s have a coffee catch-up with nothing to lose and everything to gain

A free coffee catch-up is ideal if  you have a bit more time than you would for just a quick phone call, and you’d like to exchange stories, get better acquainted and/or find out more about how I might be able to help you in your unique situation, (usually around an hour, depending on how we go). There is no obligation to do anything further, but if it’s a match, we can talk about what options might suit you, then book a more detailed session from there.

Of course, if you do want to go ahead and agree on a project we can start on together, or if you want to find out about a specific product, such as ‘Evergreen Social Media’, then that’s no problem either. I have a policy of ‘rigid flexibility!’

Just a little secret between us – I tend to give away free business or life improvement tips at these relaxed meetings. I just can’t help myself!




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Or, if we’ve already chatted enough and you’re ready to start work and delve deeper, you can book a Discovery Session ($99.00 incl GST – redeemable [i.e. FREE]if you proceed with a Coaching / Consulting / Mentoring Program within 30 days)

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